Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Invites: Flash Cards

Whew! this has been the most hectic month so far! Thank God it's almost over! hahaha although  saying goodbye to August means saying Hello to September which means 3 months to go 'til our wedding day! Excited? Yes! and a bit tense too hahahaha :-)

Ok so what have I been busy lately with?! WEDDING INVITATIONS! Yes! It's almost 3 months to THE WEDDING but we still don't have a final invitation design. It was I who suggested to Bri that we do it ourselves or have a friend design it for us and just look for a supplier to print our invitation. But boy is it hard hahaha :) Me and my big mouth hahahaha!

So while browsing the wedding blogsites and FB pages, I saw Mica's wedding invitation. And what can I say! It's so pretty and so creative just like her pre-nup and I'm sure her wedding ceremony itself. I also chatted with her and it was so nice of her to refer the designer of her invitation. Thank God for friends hahaha! 

Here's Mica and Marc's Wedding Flash Card Invitation:


 Copy by Mica Tuaño
Art Direction by Raizel Go
Designed by Raizel Go and Fozzy Castro-Dayrit
Printed by Creative Two

Mica would also like to thank Marc's sister Faye and brother-in-law Mike for sponsoring their invite printing cost. 

So what do you think guys? Do you have a creative wedding invitation to share too? :-)

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