Monday, August 15, 2011

Real Life Office Romance

I've worked with then Sher Dizon now Sher Dizon-Arce way back when I was still in media. She was and until now works with GMA Network, and I could still vividly remember how much fun we had working together. Sher is not just someone I used to work but has also become a good friend. 

And so it's really exciting for me to share their lovely Road To I Dos here, so guys here goes:  

THE PROPOSAL (as told by the bride, Sher)

We were in Cebu for our 4th year anniversary. We were having dinner at the restaurant by the beach in Imperial Palace, Mactan. 

Maui was taking pictures of me and the vain me asked him to show me the pictures (I always do this). There I saw a pic of a man’s hand holding an engagement ring...

and the clueless me asked, “O, kanino yan”? Little did I know that it was actually Maui’s hand and he was actually asking me to marry him! 

Just a little anecdote --- when we told my dad that we were engaged – he asked Maui if he was sure with his decision to marry me considering how much I ate. When Maui said yes, my dad told him that he couldn’t give me back.


Our pre-nup pictorial was done in the GMA offices since our love story is a pure case of office romance. So the main theme was simply, “office romance”. We wanted a theme that personified the two of us, nothing glitzy glamour-ish.

Photos by Imagine Nation.  Make up was done by Angie Cruz & hair by Ogie Rayel. Styling was c/o yours truly. I didn’t even buy new clothes. I just wore existing clothes that I did not wear in the office so that not a lot of people will recognize them hehe...

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