Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Invites: Culture Inspired

And so the obsession about the perfect wedding invitation continues hahaha! :)

A little introduction...

This beautiful wedding invitation was given personally to us by the bride Nikki and groom Gerard 2 weeks ago during Bri's birthday celebration. They are to wed this coming 9-10-11 just like Marc and Mica who I featured in my previous blogs.

Upon seeing their invitation, you immediately get an idea of their theme, "Filipiniana". 

What can I say? It's so beautiful or shall I say "Ang Ganda!"
  • Classy
  • Sophisticated
  • Formal
  • Very Filipiniana
...were other words that popped in my head that I know best describe Nikki and Ge's invitation.

When asked about how this love invitation came to life, the bride Nikki said:
The design was a combined effort between me and Noky Gatmaitan of PRINTSONALITIES. Basta I told her na Filipiniana yung theme, and that my colors were Cream, Green and Gold. And I specified na gusto ko may lace.

When I first went to their office, she showed me several styles of invitations. I fell in love with the Couture Style right away (yung matigas na fabric envelope). Pero she warned me that it's a bit pricey.
I tried in vain to consider other styles, pero I really wanted that kaya I thought, "cost be damned, I will follow my heart" haha! Kasi kung ayan na gusto ko, why should I settle for anything less diba? So we decided on a cream fabric, and she said to bring the cost down, ako na mag-provide ng lace.

The fabric envelopes are hand made each, kaya matagal gawin. For the card inserts naman, within two weeks Noky sent me about 6 invite studies and when I picked one, she tweaked it until finally masaya ako.

When I got the invitations, nakakabit na yung tags per invite. Wow so ang kinabit na lang namin were the ones na may blank labels. Super, Super convenient.

Pahabol...I got the lace from Divisoria. Buti na lang my dad's secretary lives in Tondo at malapit dun. Pinapunta ko sha sa Divisoria and nagpakuha ako ng ibat-ibang lace samples na 4 inches wide. When she brought them to the office, I picked one at bumili sha ng isang roll for only Php 40 per yard. Winner! :)

Before I show you their Beautiful wedding invitation, here's their save-the-date! :)

That's simply just a taste of things to come. 

Voila! their wedding invitation:


Lahat ng binigyan namin ng invitations sobrang gandang ganda, ngayon lang daw sila nakakita ng ganun. Needless to say, I was more than satisfied with the outcome, and I don't regret a single decision we made on that. 

I love Printsonalities! :)

                                  The bride Nikki with a dedication cake for Printsonalities
                                                      photo c/o the bride, Nikki.

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