Thursday, August 11, 2011

Highschool Sweethearts

When Bri and I became a couple, I instantly got close with Paola and Jan (the youngest brother of Bri). They would always invite us to watch DVD with them or eat merienda with them whenever we're in Paranaque, where Bri and Jan’s family resides. And whenever we have lunch or join in on their family’s celebrations, this couple would always make sure that I feel warm and welcome. 

I guess looking back, I never felt uncomfortable with my fiancĂ©e’s family because they are very hospitable and very welcoming to guests, most especially when I first stepped in to their home.
Paola used to work in sales before but got an interest in advertising so I recommended her to our office and so we began a journey together as one team in one company. Despite this new setup, Paola and I remained to be solid friends. It's not just her shiny personality that I liked about her but also her work ethics, with passion for work and very hardworking as her two best professional traits. 

Despite our super busy schedules, we would always find time to make "chika" and share stories about Jan, Bri, and pretty much just about anything. Whenever we did this, I knew and it really felt that we were like sisters to each other.
When Jan popped the big question and proposed to her, it wasn’t much of a surprise to me. We knew this was coming. I knew that this was inevitable and that the two were meant for each other. But the big surprise I wanted to share with you on this blog is how Paola and Jan were high school sweethearts :-) 

Reading her proposal story made me cry. I guess because both of them are family already and because they are both good persons who deserve nothing more but HAPPINESS. 

To Paola and Jan, Thanks so much for sharing and for being to good us. We love you both and we promise to be here for you both and of course, also for cute little Nathan, anytime. 

Enough about the drama and more of the cheesiness, right? so here goes, their proposal story as told by Paola.

"Jan proposed to me last April 22, 2010. He proposed to me at work (actually, my last few days at Masscom) and it was a surprise.  He contacted my boss to arrange an emergency meeting that day at the conference room. In addition to the surprise, my group head thought of something very record a short video of Jan."
"So anyway, our media director gathered us for the vvery important meeting (alignment meeting daw with Tito Rich, Our Buying head). Inside the conference room, I was seated infront of the LCD projector screen, on my left is a life size window with blinds closed and behind me was the fire exit. When everybody was on their seat, my pretending boss & officemates played the video of Jan." 

"I started to get confused and surprised as i saw a video of Jan saying something and there it was for the whole office to see. I was shocked. Speechless. I forgot to pay attention on what Jan was saying in the video. So they replayed it and asked me to listen again carefully." 

"In the video, Jan told me that he had nothing but good intentions for a future together. Also he told me how much he loves me, and that to prove his love for me, he wanted me to look outside the window, to the opposite building."
"And then when i went close to the window and slowly opening the blinds, exactly in front of me, i saw a big tarpaulin hanging at the window of opposite building saying"

"I got teary-eyed at that moment. The next thing that happened is when he walks in from the back door (i had no idea that he was just hiding there), and then got down on his knees, and with the ring in his hand asking me the age old proposal ‘will you marry me’. And i said yes! And we hugged each other."

The tarp that he set up at the other side of the building had been planned weeks ago before he proposed to me. He even wrote a letter to the company of the other side of the building- asking permission to setup a tarp in their window for his proposal. It was so romantic!

"I was impressed! I never thought Jan would be able to come up with that kind of plan. So sweet! Also thanks to my officemates (who witnessed everything) who helped Jan with his surprise for me!"

"I never have regretted one time that we were married so quickly. I knew he was the right man for me, and I would be happy forever married to him. I am more certain every day that passes."

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