Monday, October 17, 2011

Vintage Love 12.10.11 - Bri & Ches pre-nup

Bri and I are so excited for our pre-nup photos.Super Excited Actually! :)

Well, we wanted it simple and in VINTAGE (which is our wedding theme) That's all!

But after looking at the photos from Black Tie Project, it 's not just simple... it turned out super awesome! :)

Sharing with you some of our favorite photos! Enjoy guys! :)








                                                     Brian and Cheska

We would also like to thank our good friends for helping us with the shoot. 

    Marco and his team at the Black Tie Project for the photography 

Monica Sebial and Sam Quizon for our outfits and styling

Bonne by Bonsai Fojas for my black fascinator

Sofia Sara Arga for my make-up

Lanie for my hair 

Mia Estolano of Saga for my lovely skirt and for sharing her vintage wardrobe
Bea Pimentel of Ilustrados for the shoot venue

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Wedding Wishlist: Where the fun begins

Yesterday was yet another EXCITING day for Bri and I. We were at Rustan's Weddings & Beyond for our Bridal Registry

We never knew how fun the process was until yesterday. Process meaning choosing gifts we want to possibly receive as wedding gifts :)

We arrived at around 3:15pm, 15 minutes late from our appointment but Sherlyn of Rustan's Weddings & Beyond was so very nice and very accommodating. It's as if we arrived just in time.

The fun (we used to call Process! hahaha) will take 1 hour and 30 minutes ONLY! which at first we thought, oh no! how can we choose everything we want with so limited time. But eventually, the time given was just right :)   

Before we started, Sherlyn gave us their new Rustan's Weddings & Beyond gift cards to be inserted in our wedding invitations.



Ok so the fun begins...

For us! :-P

We started with Appliances. As if! hahaha 

                   image source link:

Then Bedroom stuff. 

                                   image source link:


                                      image source link:


               image source link:

For Dining.

                image source link:

And lastly, other Home Accessories.

That's it! We were done 5 minutes earlier than what is expected

It's really super fun and Rustan's Weddings & beyond is LOVE. 

Thank you so much for being nice to us. You make our wedding planning a lot of fun and way easier! :)

The pictures are just pegs. What are seen in the pictures are not the actual items we selected :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Labor of LOVE

68 days or roughly 10 weeks from now 'til our wedding...
getting busier and busier everyday but it also makes us 
more and more EXCITED! :)

Another thing we are very EXCITED about is to share with you guys our wedding invitation. It's super pretty and we really LOVE it to bits but since it's not yet printed, we will show you our save-the-date invite instead.  

Actually, Bri and I both decided to just email our save-the-date invites at first but later on opted to print out a few which was given out to family and to our Ninongs and Ninangs. I also kept some as a souvenir :)

Our save-the-date invite is really simple but still showed our vintage theme. But what made it more special is because it was Bri's labor of LOVE :) 

Thanks Babe! :-) Mwah!