Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LOVE unexpected

LOVE or shall I say MARRIAGE is indeed in the air. Looks like everyone is getting married especially with the SEBIALS

May of last year, it was Jan Andrew, the youngest of the SEBIAL brothers who got married to Nikita Paola Ribas at St. Jerome Church in Alabang, reception followed at Fernbrook Gardens also in Alabang. This year it's going to be us, Brian Sebial and Cheska Generoso yey! hehehehe and next year it will be Kuya Pat Sebial, Bri and Jan's 2nd eldest brother to Jade Aoanan.

Their wedding is going to be on May 12, 2012 at the Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Hotel in Tangub City, Misamis Occidental. 

Destination wedding is LOVE! hehehehe
So of course, Kuya Pat and Jade has no excuse not to be in this blog hahaha! and so...

here's their wedding proposal (As told by the Bride, Jade):

Last March 11, 2011, Friday night. I was getting ready for work and Patrick was in such a hurry to go down to the car ahead of me. When I got inside the car, as he was getting ready to drive, I opened the glove compartment to get the Alcogel and Pat suddenly froze, like he was just watching my every move. As soon as I was done, I shut the compartment, and he went back to driving. Something was really suspicious, I thought. Was there something in there? Should I open and take a look? Or if there was really something, do I really want to ruin the surprise? Later that night, he kept sending me mushy text messages, leaning towards marriage and spending the rest of our lives with together.

The next day, March 12, 2011, since it was his birthday, we planned for a special dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cyma. And since I work at night, he made sure I slept through out  the day so I had enough strength, plus the good mood, to go out that night. 

At one point during the day, I woke up and saw him working on his laptop. When he noticed I was awake, he tried to cover his laptop screen with his hand so I won’t see what he was doing. Initially I thought he was doing something suspicious, that if we had internet in the house, I’d think he was chatting with another girl. 

As I was in the shower getting ready for dinner, I was thinking of the events over the last twenty-four hours, how he has been acting suspicious. Will he be proposing tonight? And if he will, will I cry from happiness? Will I act genuinely surprised?

By the time we left the house, it was already late, we were hungry, and traffic was really bad along Makati Ave. that night. Plus we chose to go to Cyma in Eastwood since we regularly go to Greenbelt, the birthday boy wanted this night to be special. 

Pat insisted on bringing his laptop to dinner because he said he was going to check an email from work, and was hoping there’s wifi so he could access the internet. Since it was his birthday, I did not argue anymore. On our way to Cyma, I got annoyed with the mall crowd, and when we got there and found out we had to wait for our table, my mood turned sour. While waiting for our table, I was already yakking while he was so uneasy, which made me yak some more.

Finally, we got a table, the best spot – it was a corner table overlooking the nightscape in Eastwood. While waiting for our order, Pat got out his laptop and said he had something to show me, something he worked on earlier that day. He made a video presentation of our pictures, with texts and our favorite music in the background. I didn’t notice my tears were already falling while reading his messages, it was the sweetest thing. 

On the last segment of the video, he wrote “there’s only one thing I want to ask you on my birthday, boo boo churn (as we fondly call each other), will you marry me?” I looked at him and he was already holding this heart-shaped box with my ring on it, and said, “boo, ito yung singsing mo, tingnan mo if kasya sayo”. To my excitement, I took the ring from the heart-shaped box and slid it on my left ring finger. To which he said, “boo, ako dapat magsusuot nyan sayo”. And then I said, “sabe mo kasi tingnan ko kung kasya sakin kaya sinuot ko na.” Then he said, “hindi mo pa sinagot yung tanong ko, will you marry me?” and I said, “sumagot nako, I said yes po boo boo churn”

Kuya Pat & Jade have been together for a year and 6 months now. The relationship might be young and new but who cares right? When it's LOVE, it's LOVE :-)

I would like to end this article with what the Bride, Jade said:

"A lot of people would say a year and a month of dating is too soon to be engaged. It is, but we’re not getting any younger. We got into this relationship because we knew we want... to spend the rest of our lives with each other. "

So it's really not how long you've been together but how you want to spend your life together as as couple. :-)

Congratulations Kuya Pat & Jade! :-)We Love you both!


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