Monday, July 11, 2011

For The Love of Make-up

After immediately reserving our wedding church and reception venue, I've realized that the third reservation we did last January was for my make-up hahaha :-)  It only shows how much I love make-up!

Why not, right? Bridal Make-up just like our wedding gowns is a very important factor in any wedding. true? yes!

I remembered chatting with Mica a lot of times before the actual booking. Asking her how much she would charge for bridal hair and make-up and started browsing her FB for pictures of her bridal clients. I started getting really excited from then on! I guess the reason why I got her is because I really saw how good she is with what she does. Just like any job, make-up should be done with passion. I believe that if you love it, knowing it will naturally follow. Also, I remembered asking my good friend Lester and he said, "si Mica? ok yun! good choice!" so how can I ever be wrong with her? 

When I started writing this blog, I knew that Mica is going to be a favorite here. One, because she is also a bride and getting married this year! Two, because she is a professional make-up artist who has done a lot of weddings already. Three, she is a professional model who has posed for a lot of wedding magazines. and lastly, just like me she loves WEDDINGS! :-) so more stories of Mica here intheroadtoidos, that's for sure!

Two weeks ago, I asked her if I can write about her make-up hahaha and started asking how she started and here's her story:

My mom hardly leaves home without makeup (Color of the eighties! Ahahay!). As a kid, we would get punished for playing with her lipstick. I wasn't interested in using it as makeup though. I was an artistic kid. So I drew everywhere (My sisters and I ruined a complete Hardy Boys’ book collection by drawing on all the pages.) In fact, I wanted either to take up fine arts or architecture. I even joined interschool art competitions and won over the irate boys who drew detailed robot stuff. I just knew that I loved drawing—and up to this time, I still do.

Then when I was 16, my mom pushed me into modeling. I was hesitant because I was shy (Insert violent reactions here). But with my mom, being the Anabelle Rama stage mom that she was, encouraged me to continue. And so for years, a lot of different makeup artists have painted my face (I'm 32 now). In the long process of it all, I have picked up tips and techniques from them all. I have also worn makeup the wrong way and eventually learned through a series of trial and error with horrendous photos as evidence (Burn! Burn!).

My mom also shared a lot since she does makeup for weddings herself as a side job. She’d always show me new stuff she bought and would even give them to me after much begging. Her best gift to me was a complete set of makeup brush and a huge palette of eye shadow and blush. I felt like a true artist after that. I was all geared up and ready to paint faces!

It was time to experiment.

My willing victims where found during the time I went to work for an advertising agency. I remember that I was always helping my officemates put on their makeup. I also helped them pick out cosmetics that suit them.

Funny enough, I wasn't wearing makeup unless I had to model or have a shoot or feel like it. I loved putting makeup on other people but I kept my face plain and simple. I wasn’t that into makeup just yet because I didn’t find it integral in MY life.

Around 2006, my passion for makeup suddenly grew (In knowing yourself through the years, you’ll find your passion). I devoured every makeup book I could get my hands into. Years of working in advertising paid me enough to afford the makeup brands I so lusted for. Slowly, my makeup obsession and collection grew.

Now I can't leave without my basic makeup: Groomed eyebrows, curled lashes, blush and lipstick (I am a believer of BB cream, too!).

When I am asked how I chose this profession my short of the long answer is this: I’m an artist who chose to make every face a canvas for a beautiful masterpiece.

sharing with you guys some of her brides:
                                       Bride Althea

                                        Bride April

                                         Bride Camille

                                               Bride Gail

                                         Bride Kai

                                             Bride Karla

                                                  Bride Mishy

                                                   Bride Niña

                                                        Bride Pat

                                  Bride Vanessa Julian

True as it is, Mica loves what she does. Knowing now that her mom is also a professional make-up artist only shows that the love for make-up is already in Mica's genes. I'm really, really! excited for our trial make-up and of course the actual make-up for my wedding day. More so, I know I'm in good hands! hahaha :-) 

This is Mica's thoughts about bridal make-up:

Making people feel beautiful is very fulfilling but making brides feel amazing is an even more gratifying feeling. I love ALL my brides. They exude a certain kind of aura and beauty that makes my makeup adhere perfectly to their blissful faces. And it is just overwhelming to know that I am, in a small way, part of a lot of people's milestone in their lives. That alone makes my heart sing and my mission in life (beautifying people) very much worth it,

Lovely!!! :-)

So brides-to-be if you still haven't decided on who to get for your make-up, I suggest you get in touch with Mica. You can contact her through her facebook fan page at The make-up of Mica or look for Mica Tuaño.


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