Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weddings and Bonne

I've realized now more than ever how writing a blog brings me happiness, talking about weddings--mine and other couples' own too, and the pieces that fall into place in the preparation for each one.

As I was thinking of what to possibly write today, I came across an exchange of emails from a friend who is also a Milliner.  A Millinerby it's definition in wikipedia, is a person who designs, makes, or sells women's hats. Super cool, don't you think? :-)

Ok so yeah! I'm definitely writing an entry about her and her cool hats!

Anyway, as I always do, a short intro about my Milliner friend, Bonsai, is also a senior copy writer at Publicis Manila. We were officemates at Adformatix Selections, Inc, a media agency here in Manila, way way back :-) After how many years, We got in touch again when I asked her to be one of my models for my artistic make-up class. It was our finals exercise, and I needed models, it was an easy choice, she was on top of my list because I remembered seeing her being a model in other shoots as well, on Facebook. Aside from this, I also asked her if she could lend me and showcase her hat products in that shoot, and whew I was happy that she gladly obliged.

My task was to do a Cleopatra look for Bonsai. Man, did I have a hard time. hahaha! But Bonsai was so supportive and very patient. She was even giving me advice as I was doing her make-up. And it turned out well! very, very pretty actually. 

Here's some of my picture of Bonsai as Cleopatra:


Good Job ches! hahaha

Bonsai's love for sewing all started in 2005 when she won a sewing machine at a Christmas raffle at work.  As her name was called, Bonsai ran to claim her prize like she won the grand lotto. From then on, she kept practicing with the help of her grandmother. Browsing on the internet, she came across handmade fascinators that reminded her of 1920s and 1940s Hollywood movies. And yes! she fell in love with hats from then on.

She furthered her studies by enrolling at La Salle International and took up basic sewing and pattern making. Apart from hats, Bonsai learned how to make lace cuffs, tutu skirts, shoe clips and brooches, things she would later on love wearing herself. 

From just a hobby, Bonsai later on partnered with make-up artist friend Mica (she's on my entry #3) in making their portfolio. Pieces were sold in an instant. From then on everything was history. 

It has been 4 years now since she created Bonne. Her designs are mostly vintage-inspired ranging from the 20’s to the 40’s. Here are some of the designs she did for various weddings.

The Brides:

Her sister, Bride Gail Fojas-Miller

                                                           Bride Jad Montenegro- Amor

Bride Diane

Bride Vanessa Valderrama-Obligacion

                                                           Bride Angela Tripon-Mangulat

Bride Althea Tuano-Aswani

                                                      Bride Kai

The Entourage:

The Guest:

She even does her own packaging!   

I so love her stuff! So happy to have Bonsai as a friend. hahaha! I am a loyal customer too! Bonsai is doing the headpieces for my entourage, 12 head candies for 12 lovely ladies. And also gifts for our 7 Ninangs.

Thanks Bons! Can't wait. Update me with you new collections!

I'm sure you would love to see more of her lovely, lovely hats, right? so I'm including her contact details below. 

Name: Bonsai Fojas
Contact No: 0920-9052740

AC+632: Level 2, Greenbelt 5

Nullah: G/f Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati City

Congrats Bons! and more power to Bonne! Happy Anniversary! :-)


  1. Hey! One of the brides, Kai, is my friend's sister and was at her wedding. Really really pretty pieces by Bonsai indeed! Can't wait to see what she'll make for you Ate Ches. :)

  2. Hey Monica! super small world talaga! hahaha :P Yup! me too super excited! hehehe :-)