Friday, June 24, 2011

Proposals: Cheesy or Romantic?

I'm a sucker for cheesy marriage proposals. The cheesier it is, the more I like 
Some of the wedding proposals I know of are:
  • Proposing on bended knees
  • Engagement ring inside a cake
  • Engagement ring in a drink
  • Proposing over dinner 
  • Proposing in the girl's office
  • Proposing during the girl's birthday or their anniversary
  • Proposing through a billboard
  • Proposing in an event 
  • Proposing through a sky ad
  • Proposing on a bridge
  • Proposing in an airplane (The wedding singer)
and many,many more. I've watched tons of cheesy movies and a lot of them involve proposals. Too bad I can't remember all of them. But I know for a fact that the first on my list was a favorite. It's so classic. Every time we hear or watch proposal stories, we know that one way or another, the guy is going to kneel and give the girl the ring. It's already a given, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble but in reality this does not happen all the time, every time. My proposal story is a classic example. Bri wasn't down on one-knee when he proposed. We were seated in his car (see post#1). A lot of my friends' stories are somewhat the same as mine. 

But you know what? It's okay. It doesn't have to be a template. Although I'm a fan of cheesiness, I didn't feel bad when Bri didn't do the expected. I still felt the "kilig" that came after the proposal. I am happy that we were different. It only shows that expressing one's love shouldn't be standard, so to speak. What's important is, it comes from the heart.

BUT...yes there's a very big BUT! I still can't deny the fact that I'm still all for the cheesiness, and proposing on one knee or your lovey serenading you still makes me all "kilig".

I am very grateful to have met Mica who is a senior copy writer in Publicis Jimenez Basic, a local advertising agency, a freelance professional make-up artist, and a professional commercial model as well. In fact, she's going to be my make-up artist on my wedding. Yes! I'm excited. For those of you who plans to get married, please check The Makeup of Mica in FB. Anyway going back, She's getting married also sometime in September. When I read her proposal story, Oh My! Yes kilig again and again! hahaha and so I asked her if I can share her lovely proposal story and she said yes. 

So here's what she wrote in her FB notes!
"Halukayin mo 'yan. Baka may ginto," my officemate told me. She wasn't looking for Yamashita's treasure, she was teasing me that my engagement ring might be hidden inside the potted flowers -which i lovingly called “gubat” (jungle)- my boyfriend Marc had sent to the office. It was my 32nd birthday. Earlier that morning, my mom was supposed to pick me up from the airport but Marc had conspired with her so he can surprise me. Nope, this wasn't the proposal just yet. I'm just saying that when it comes to catching me off guard, Marc is a pro. I literally jumped when he went behind me and said, “Happy Birthday” while holding a lovely bouquet of flowers with purple ribbons. Birthday ko pa lang ang haba na ng hair ko!

But I WASN'T expecting a proposal on my birthday (Feb 9). In fact, I wasn't expecting it anytime soon. My mind was busy looking forward to our Boracay vacation for our friend's wedding.

On February 12 (which was apparently our 44th month together), I was at my relative’s house in Quezon City to meet my new nephew from LA. Marc couldn't go because he had an exam at banking school. He was supposed to follow afterwards. So when he missed dinner, I got a little bit annoyed. He ended picking me up around 10pm at Trinoma (where my mallrat of a family decided to explore). Then he asked if we can go to the coffee shop we frequented in Makati. He told me he had a bad day. I was very cranky and tired but going to that coffee shop near the park was our de-stress place.

He then asked me to walk with him to the park. I was still very clueless at this point. While we were walking, Marc tripped and slipped on the edge of the park’s gazebo near two guys hanging out, jamming. They tried to stifle their laughter to no avail. Marc got annoyed and confronted them.

I didn’t panic at first because I thought he would let them be. Instead, he forcibly grabbed the guitar from the other guy (who quickly ran away). I was in panic mode now! But I tried to calmly ask Marc to return the guitar. He wouldn't. I was about to hyperventilate but decided to try another approach.

"I am walking away if you don't give back that guitar!," I threatened (atapang ababae!).

But Marc kept on strumming and even started to sing. His friends where supposed to come out from cover but didn't so I thought he had simply snapped and lost his marbles. To me, he looked like he was mocking the guys by using their guitar! I walked out. He followed me (still strumming) and shouted, "I’m giving it back na!" (it was his turn to panic because I was supposed to know he’s proposing from the time he sang but didn’t just yet).

The only time a proposal registered and clicked into place in my brain was when I walked past the park’s arc. There, I saw around six people hiding behind the bushes, cramped and wide-eyed. No one ever thought I would walk out and reach past that hiding place! Oopsie. That wasn’t in Plan B.

So I turned around to look at Marc - who was very obviously enjoying the moment. He started singing again (not crazy in my eyes anymore). Then his friends (and the wonderful actors I only came to know that night) went out from their hiding places. Some of them, former Kundirana boys like Marc, serenaded me right smack in the middle of Salcedo Park, where the Muslim women in veils having a picnic and the MACEA CCTV were watching us.

This is an excerpt from the song Marc revised for me:

Am I giving enough?
Is it all it should be?
When water gets rough
Will you still swim with me?
So afraid to propose
It may be too soon (too soon ka diyan,Marc! hehe!)
It may be too much
For you to consume

So please hold out your hand
And accept this diamond ring (of course :D)
Cuz I want you in my life
I want you to be my wife

And I wanna know if I can live inside your world
and I wanna know if I can give it to you girl
You know that I want to say it
You know that I need to say it
You know that I love to say it
Our love just goes on and on and on

Mica, you're so special…

I was "ugly-crying" the whole time. Without a tissue. With snot on my face. But still, the whole scenario felt so beautiful. It was an amazing experience to feel so much love and devotion. Marc told me about how this and that was supposed to happen, about how he was harassing his friends and mine to throw ideas with, about how he was so paranoid at keeping the ring safe. I told him that the imperfections worked and made it perfect. That proposal was so very “us”. It was either that or he was going to don a Grimace costume and stalk me. Good choice, Marc.

I wrote this to thank my fiancé :). He is an innately good person. I believe in him so much. I accept him wholly. I wrote this to thank the Universe for giving us a nudge towards each other. I wrote this to tell people about crazy love, about cheesiness, about moments that blow your mind. I wrote this because I am thankful. I feel very loved and blessed in so many ways.

Cheesy? Yes and oh so Romantic, right?

Lovely Story! Lovely Couple! :)

Thanks for sharing Mica! :) Stay tuned friends! there will be more posts about these lovely couples journey to I do :)  

Also a sneak peek on their cool wedding theme, here's a teaser of their save-the-date. 

So to end this blog, the answer is both :-) 


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