Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When superheroes fall in love.

Over the years we meet a lot of people. People who are happy, funny, sweet, smart, beautiful, strict, annoying and people who turn to become special individuals--let's say someone like a friend. In my 7 years of working in media advertising, I get to meet a lot of these people. Some are my colleagues, few of them are my bosses, business suppliers, and even clients.

Working in media will always be memorable to me. Because it is where I started my career, learned, met mentors, met my good friends and found true love. It has greatly helped my with where I am now. On the client side, brand management to be exact, or what we used to call "The Other Side".

I have learned over the years that it's easy to be close to your colleagues, even to your bosses and also with business suppliers. But with clients? It was always a different story. Why did I say this? Because when you transfer from one agency to another, you still get to meet your old colleagues through trade events and seminars. Suppliers, most of the times, service a lot of other agencies as well. so the chances of you having the same supplier contacts as before is highly likely. But former clients? You rarely see them in most of the functions we go to. 

So, I say that it is really hard to continue having a steady contact with your  former clients or really maintain that friendship over the years. 

Today's entry is about my former client, Michelle. I met her in my last job in media, when I handled the media business of L'oreal. No, we were not that close, but I included her in my I-will-never-forget-her-because-she-did-something-nice-to-me list. 

Way back, when I was still an associate media director in Zenith, handling the said prestigious brand, I decided to take up artistic make-up classes. I guess this interest came up while handling the account. I was always surrounded by haircare products, beauty products and of-course lots and lots of make-up! I remembered mentioning this to Michelle and just like that, she told me that she would give me free supplies to get me started in my new found profession. 

Of course I didn't say no. Make-ups are so expensive and hey, I'm still learning the ropes  back then. So I gave her my list and she gave me what she had available with her. And I tell you guys, this was a lot! :) ok, now you know why she's on that list.

But more than the giving part. I find her very nice but more importantly, super fashionable. I could still remember meeting her the first time at their office. She was wearing knee-high boots with heels, and paired with fashionable shorts. It was a lovely fashion statement. Later on, I realized it was just an ordinary thing for her to wear those boots in the office, and in the dozens of meetings we had, I found out that she was getting married then, and that she was extremely excited about the big day.

Michelle is a friend in Facebook, so once in a while I chance upon her updates, and eventually her future husband's proposal, their pre-nup, then their wedding pictures. But what got my attention was Mark's oh-so-unique bachelor party, which was given to him by Michelle. As I exchanged emails with her, I found out about the story behind the so creative bachelor party.

"Mark didn’t want a normal bachelor party. He had never, in his entire life, set foot in a strip club and he had no plans of starting right before he was getting married. So I decided to throw him a party I was sure he’d enjoy – a Superhero themed one! Despite the fact that guests had to bring their costumes all the way to Boracay, we were so surprised that almost everyone went all out! It was a great party on the night before the wedding, giving everyone the chance to get to know each other, and it ended with the bride and groom carrying the best man back to his room. Good thing we were all able to wake up for the wedding the next day :D"

Here are some of their pictures guys!

                                                       Wolverine & She-ra



She-ra and Friends

                                                     Wolverine & Cyclops

                                       Wolverine, She-ra and the whole gang

I'm sure it was a fun Bachelor party! Paging my friends! I want a creative and fun shower party too. hahaha!

fun-TASTIC! SUPER cool and just plain awesome! In the coming days, I will be featuring more of Mark and Michelle's road to I dos guys! Their pre-nup, and of course their lovely, lovely wedding! and oh! Michelle will also share with us wedding gifts they got from their families and friends, so watch out for that guys.

Thanks so much Michelle for sharing this to me, to all of us actually! 

Congratulations and more happiness to the both of you!

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