Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Guardian Angel that watches over The Lone Ranger

What to do on a rainy saturday morning? N-O-T-H-I-N-G! 

Well, I can sleep and eat but I remembered how tight my wedding gown is going to be so N-O! I can't afford to gain weight. It's wet everywhere outside so I can't walk my two cute puppies either. Bri is also going on a training with his friend Chris this morning so I guess I just have to stay home and think. 

Think happy thoughts! So here I am doing my entry#5 :) Source of inspiration? I now have 42 followers! weeeeeee!!!!! Thanks friends!

Ok here goes...

I've known Erl A.K.A The Lone Ranger through Bri. They were officemates and good friends in ABS-CBN and even way way back before Bri was still in the media agency. Bri was Erl's client so to speak. You have to hear Erl's stories about Bri back then but let's just discuss it some other time hahaha! 

Anyway, since I always tag along Bri in his Barkada Gimik events I got to meet Maureen, Erl's very beautiful and down-to-earth fiance'. We weren't instantly close. Just simple Hi's and Hello's here and there at first but I knew that we were meant to become better friends since then. I will always tell Bri "I like Erl's girlfriend, babe, she's so simple and unpretentious". 

Simple and unpretentious, those are the best two words I can think of about this lovely couple. 

After which, Bri and I were invited by Erl sometime December, in their lovely home for dinner and a few drinks. It was also there where I got to meet a few of Bri and Erl's officemates. Like the two, they were also simple, funny and unpretentious. Here's our picture:

                                           Sarah, Rina, Erl, Winston, Cheska and Bri

But I guess the closeness started when we invited Erl and Mau during our post Christmas and pre-New Year celebration at our condo last Dec. 31, 2009. We introduced them to our friends and voila! Erl was playing poker with the guys in no time while Mau was already having fun with us in playing "Pinoy Henyo". I thought Mau will find us childish or corny but no, instead, she enjoyed the game very much and was happy to be able to win a few prizes. I was able to keep a few pictures back then.

                                                   Mau, Erl, Bri, Me and Charlie

                                      Mitzi, Merl, Mau and Steph holding their prizes

                                    Erl A.K.A The Lone Ranger playing poker with the boys

                                                   Paulette giving Mau her Prize

It was so fun! I guess yeah that's it! it's where it all started. Since then, we would always go out together for birthday parties, to watch movies, dinner out, for a few drinks, out-of-towns and in going to a lot of bridal fairs. 

                                                  Dinner at Abe, The Fort

                                            Merienda at Burgoo, SM MOA

                                                       Erl's bday party

                                                               at Tagayatay

and since Bri and I love these two so much! They will be part of our entourage. Mau will be one of my bridesmaids and Erl will be one of Bri's Groomsmen :-)

Like us, the two are also getting married on January 15, 2012 in Ville Sommet, Tagaytay.

I was so thrilled when Erl and Mau allowed me to feature one of their pre-nup pictorials. Yes guys! there will be 3 I think hahaha :-)

This one was shot last April in Mad Dog's house (Harley Davidson's garage) A.K.A Erl's house and along Makati, The Fort, Skyway and SLEX. Both wanted a simple and unpretentious shoot. According to Erl, their poses were simple and  unorchestrated. They didn't really intend to pose, hence the theme: Riding, which also depicts their journey in life together.

And it is a journey for them, indeed. 

"I think I'm going to be a rider 'til I get old, and I'm very lucky that Mau understands and accepted my passion."

"My bike's name is Bettina, by the way, but Maureen Latoy will be [the] one and only woman [for me]."


Milestones in Erl and Mau's life:
September 26, 2008:  "Sinagot ko si Mau ng OO!" 
September 26, 2009:  First anniversary na kasabay ang Ondoy.
September 26, 2010: 2nd anniversary. I proposed in Shangri-La Mactan Cebu
September 26, 2011: We will release our save the date video.

Congratulations Erl and Mau!!! Love you both!

Make-up by: Mau Latoy
Outfits by: Erl and Mau's Own
Photos by: TM Malones

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