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Summer + La Union = Love & Wedding

It was summer of 2008. Bri and I were on our way to the airport. I was about to go on a cruise. It was a company outing and yes we went aboard star cruises. First Stop was Hong Kong (shopping!), it was where we went aboard the actual ship, as many of you probably know. Then we went to China and Vietnam (more shopping!) then back to HK again (last minute shopping!). 

Ok enough this is not about me hahaha!

So after bringing me to the airport, Bri together with his friends Ge, Joliver, Leo and Nelson went for a road trip to La Union for an all boys summer getaway. 

and boy they had fun! 

When they got to La Union, the three of them--Bri, Leo and Nelson immediately went to their rooms to get some rest because of the early trip they went through, while Ge and Joliver still had the energy to go out, enjoy a round of drinks and enjoy the "view".

Yes, as gentlemen, we all know that the view they were pertaining to there were a group of ladies who were staying nearby, and coincidentally were also enjoying their own little all-girls getaway in La Union.

Without the two boys knowing it, the group of girls were already playing a game with them, it was a dare game. One of the girls, named Abby took the challenge, the  task was to get the cellphone numbers of the two boys. As unusual as it was, Jolivs--as his friends fondly call him, was "pakipot" at first. He was suplado and  refused to give his number since according to him he was an NPA or he had No Permanent Address because of his line of work. 

This part as told by Merl...
So Abby returned with a frown on her face and told us how “antipatiko” Jolivs was. After Abby’s dare, the guys left but a few minutes later Ge went back and did the same thing to us. Unfortunately, I told Ge that before he can actually get our numbers, Jolivs should get it personally from us (actually I was KINDA attracted to Jolivs already). And so the guys went back, then we started conversing already. But Jolivs never gave me his number, He asked for my email add and cellphone number instead :-)

Summer was over and months went by before the two of us re-connected through yahoo messenger, which is a few days before Jolivs left for work. In one of our many conversations, we talked about the movie Kung Fu Panda. And so I gave Jolivs the pet name “ Popo” (which is a longer version of Po). 

The day of Joliver’s flight (as he was a seafarer by profession), Jolivs asked Merl to join his family for lunch. Officially a certain electricity sends both people a message that it was really something special.

They dated and the rest became history. It was destiny. Another couple was getting hitched.

Merl and Joliv's friends were all surprised and very happy when they broke the news about their wedding. 

It was a beacon of inspiration for many of their friends to believe in fate, to believe that there is someone out there for us even if it meant driving with your friends all the way to a far away place, even if it meant taking that risk at the right time and the right place. 

Sharing with you some of their pre-nup and wedding pictures.



Wedding date: June 6, 2009. Church: San Sebastian Basilica. Reception: Illustrado Restaurant at Intramuros, Manila.

                                      Jolivs with the boys 

This is it...
Ok I'm sure all of us stopped breathing for a second here...



                                          and we're married!

                                        The Pretty Bride Merl

Yey! to Marriage


                                            Bri's Php 20 bill

                                     I guess he's hungry :)

                                 I think the lovely Bride too :)

                            The whole gang with the lovely couple!

Wedding Gown by: Jun Marcelino
Make-up by: Kuk's Reyes

                                            Us with the couple
Thanks to our favorite couple Merl & Jolivs! We Love you both! 

We wish you more love and happiness!

and congratulations to the little angel in your tummy Merl! 

Yey! to weddings and babies! hahaha :-)


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