Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Lovely Pair

Meeting Monica again after how many years feels a bit nostalgic. Monica who i fondly call "Monics" is actually a good friend of my cousin. But since she's very close to the family, Monica is like a sister already :) and just like that, I already knew that my wedding shoes are going to be definitely by Monicafig.

Monica Figueroa who is a half-German, half-Filipina grew up in Cebu but is now staying here in Manila. She started her own designer shoes business aptly called, MonicaFig just three years ago. All her shoe designs are products of her travels, movies that she has seen, books she has read, and ideas she gets when she's in her kitchen :-) Yes! Monica is not just a shoe designer; she also loves to cook and is currently learning how to play the violin. Cool, right? Talk about being truly multi-talented! 

Looking back, I could still remember admiring her collection in her multiply site. I would always tell Monica how "super-duper pretty" her shoes are. hahahaha! Her shoes are a combination of elegance and chic-ness. (if there's a word)  But she would always say that her shoes are not just all beauty, she makes sure that it's of good quality as well and she would always think of her customer's comfort above all. Which as a loyal customer, I can attest as truthful. 

And because I super-duper love and admire Monica, I asked her to design the shoes of my entourage as well :) so excited!!! And that's not all, Monica is also the one who introduced me to my lovely wedding gown designer. Also a Cebu-based talent :-) want to know who? Just continue reading theroadtoidos.blogspot and soon you'll know hehehe...  

Thanks so much Monica! See you soon! Mwah!

So without further ado, let me share with you Monicafig's Bridal Collection,  

Enjoy Girls!:
                                    For Bride Melissa Belvis (front)

                                   For Bride Melissa Belvis (side)

                          For Bride Melissa Belvis (back)

                                       For Bride Liza Tang

                                         For Bride Liza Tang (side)

For Bride Liza Tang (back)

            For Bride Mia Pilao & her daughter Gabrielle

For Gabrielle

                              For Bride Lara Lacuesta

And a sneak peek on her other collection…

So do you have a shoe designer already?  If none yet, I suggest you get in-touch with Monica and let her design something for you, something SPECIAL just for you!
Her contact details below:

Shoe Designer: Monica Figueroa
Company: MonicaFig
Cell phone#: 0908-315-0310

MonicaFig is also available at Jun Escario, Greenbelt 5 and Debbie Co, Jupiter St. in Makati City


  1. Love it! Excited na din ako sa shoes ko!! :)

  2. Nikki! Me too! super excited for my shoes hahaha! :-)