Sunday, July 31, 2011

A touch down wedding at the 49ers stadium

"A wedding at the 49ers stadium? How cool is that?!" - My reaction 
(talking to Myself), after seeing April's pictures in facebook. 

April was a schoolmate way way back in high school at St. Joseph School and a block mate (communications) at ADZU. 
I can't stop smiling while looking at their wedding pictures. It's just so COOL! Words can't explain my excitement for her, for them both. 

A little trivia guys: This is the first time in NFL history that a wedding at the Candlestick Park was held. According to April, "Well, technically there have been other corporate events/catered and wedding ceremony being held there but not once they’ve brought in catering for a grand wedding especially a ceremony like this." So still, How cool is that?! hahaha!

I didn't have a blog yet at that time but I remembered chatting with April about her uber COOL wedding. And after the birth of theroadtoidos, I knew it already, her 49ers wedding theme can't be missed here.

So what's up with the venue?

From Danny (the husband):
Growing up in the Bay Area, the San Francisco 49ers had been a big part of my life. My Dad would take me to games and we’d cheerfully enjoy being out there in the crowd. Ever since then I’ve always supported and watched the games, watching Joe Montana and many others to mention do touchdown after touchdown made me faithful to the team!

22 years later, I had this crazy idea on my head that I’d have my own wedding in the 49ers stadium, and when that day finally came and I had to decide on a venue. I asked April if it was “ok” to have our wedding there. Being with her for four fruitful years made her a huge fan too, surprisingly she said “I love that idea” and so we started planning around it.

There were are a lot of pros and cons to it but you know what, football is one of the things we love, perhaps this is only gonna happen once in our lifetime(I hope) and we wanted it to be one of the exhilarating experiences for us and for our family and friends who’s going to share that special occasion with us.

We truly hope you will enjoy and most especially have an extraordinary experience!

It took us 1 whole year to get the contract down from the 49ers management, luckily when the pre-season schedule came out last summer we were given the opportunity to pick the available date for our big day. Sounds easy but the whole process took forever to get done... - Danny & April

                                         The Date: August 28, 2010

                                                   I'm ready...

The Venue: Candlestick Park (49ers stadium), San Francisco, CA

 This is it...

We had the ceremony at the 50yr line of the stadium at 3pm. - Danny & April

then at 4pm started the cocktails at the end zone, followed by a sumptuous Japanese cuisine with the most amazing chefs. - Danny & April

 And the party continued...

There are a whole lot of history behind this stadium including winning several superbowls, and famous "the catch".

We feel so rewarded to be able to have had our special occasion here, this is an unforgettable experience in our lives we'll never forget. - Love, Danny & April

Thanks so much 'pril for sharing! I so love your wedding! Congratulations to you and Danny! wish you more happiness and lots and lots of LOVE!



  1. This is awesome! Now I'm reminiscing our wedding and to think it has gone close to a year on August 28th. Thanks for featuring our wedding ches, I'm looking forward to your on December! xoxo

  2. Awww... Thanks for sharing also April and advance happy anniversary! :-)Mwah!