Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding: Rated Aces

Before December ends in a few hours, I MUST write something about our WEDDING! :) Hahahaha with emphasis on the MUST and WEDDING!

Well, this is also my own little way of thanking my husband for giving me THE BEST WEDDING EVER! :)

and also to our family (SEBIAL, GENEROSO and MORALES) and good friends for all their LOVE and SUPPORT.

Thanks also to our partners/suppliers for making sure we had the most amazing wedding.

This is indeed the happiest day of or LIFE. THANK YOU! :)


I have been so busy, so busy that I was not able to write something for a month. But if you were in my shoes esp. this was all worth it!

So you want to know how our wedding went? Here's my Top 10 :)

1. Did some Arts & Crafts.
I'm really not the "Arts & Crafts" type of girl but always remember this girls, "A Bride will do anything for her wedding." So yup! I did! total of 5 paper flowers x 28 bottled vases = 140 paper flowers all in all! but of course with the help of Eloisa, our helper.  

2.  Thankful for the help of TRUE friends.

I was not the only one who did arts and crafts for the wedding. Steph and Paulette helped in making the buttonaires for my Groom and for the rest of the guys in the entourage. I love how Steph made sure the buttonaires is still within our wedding theme.

3. Realized I was some kinda Rebellious Bride!

Thanks to the help of wedding blogs, wedding magazines and Brides, I made sure our wedding was going to be different. I made sure it's going to be US! :)

Here's a glimpse...

                           My Fabric Bridal Bouquet Set by BONNE   

                                       My Bridal Reception Piece by BONNE

                                               Bridesmaids Headpiece by BONNE

                                        Hair Clips as gifts to sponsors by BONNE

            My Vintage-inspired 4 1/2 inches bridal shoes  by MonicFig

           Customized bridesmaids and flower girls shoes  by MonicFig

4. Discovered that dress fitting can be instrumental in spending more time and having deeper bonding with good friends. 

Yes! I was able to spend a great deal of time with all my close friends more during their fitting than on our wedding! hahaha :) I love dress fittings! It was so fun to be able to chat with the girls esp. since some of them I don't get to see most of the time.

5. Dressing up the girls: Vintage Style. Classic.

Since 1920s outfits has no shapes, I decided to dress up the girls in short dresses but with petticoats and others with a lot of layers! I love it so much and they love it too! hahaha :)

Entourage Dress by Merlene Marcelo.

6. Finally! The Sebial-Generoso Dinner.

My mom and my brother went home from Australia 2 weeks before the wedding. So Bri together with his family planned a special dinner to welcome my family to theirs. It was a very lovely and fun dinner. My Tita Vic, Tita Toots, Cousin Kat and My Maid-of-honor Ice were there too. 

7. VIP at The Shangri-la Hotel Makati.

1 day before the wedding, I was already in HEAVEN :) hahahaha! Shangri-la Makati was LOVE! I had the most amazing room! Thanks a lot to my husband, he got me a Deluxe Suite. Sweet! :)

My Ermana Ice and friends Stef, Paulette and Sofie stayed with me in my SUITE. While My mom and the rest of the relatives stayed in the other room.

After checking-in, We went out for awhile to do some pampering. Went for a mani/pedi, facial and last minute shopping and dinner c/o Mom before heading back again to the room.

Here's us the night before the wedding...seriously was not able to sleep...ok maybe a little :)

8. Woke-up. It's 12.10.11. Had the most excited butterflies dancing in my tummy.

I was so EXCITED and NERVOUS. At the same time. Imagine that. :)

                                             Me sitting on the "DIVA" Chair!

                                                Make-up by: Mica Tuano-Fuentes

                                                         Hair by: Grace Tuano 

                                                     Wedding Gown by: OJ Hofer

  Ok bye guys! This is it I'm getting married! :)

9. Marry the LOVE OF MY LIFE! :)

1 week of courtship...5 years of being together...11 months of planning...Together Forever! :)

                                    And just like that... we're Married!!!

Presenting: Mr. & Mrs. Sebial

10. And had the most awesome wedding Ever!!! :)

Our reception was held at the Blue Leaf

Thanks to our wedding coordinator, Ms. Monica Sebial. It's exactly how we wanted it to be.

Thanks to Tita Remy Cribe for our wedding cake and for our wedding souvenirs - Fruit Jam. 

Instead of having the usual Parent speech, My Mom decided to sing for us instead :)

And so my husband and I sang too!

Parokya Ni Edgar came...My supposed-to-be surprise wedding gift for Bri :)

Loved our vintage photo booth set-up by Incredibooths! Thanks Jan and Paola :)

Thanks to Ge and Nikki for their gift - Our Jaguar Mark V Bridal Car.

My Cute nephew in his newspaper boy outfit.

Our wedding was indeed full of LOVE & SPARKS!

Thank you for being part of our journey. 



Photos were grabbed from friends cam, official photos coming soon! :) More Articles on our wedding soon too! Happy New Year Everyone! :)

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