Thursday, September 22, 2011

September to Remember!

What a busy month September is for me! I literally can't find the time to sit down and write. Well I have to admit it has been busy, busy in the office as well so I guess it made me more busier! But I'm not complaining. I love my job and I love what I'm doing . Oh!  and to top it all off, I just recently celebrated my 1st year anniversary with Tanduay. Happy anniv to us!:)

Going back...

So what have I been busy with lately? A lot actually!Here's a rundown of our September schedule. Both Wedding and non-wedding related :)

  • Sept. 6: Interview with Don Bosco Parish Makati/ My bday party at the Billiard Room:)
         We already knew how tight this day would be for us but Bri insisted on having my bday celebration with family and friends at our favorite venue, the billiard room :) Ok but before that I had a very, very busy bday.

I Went off work early to:  

                 1. Bri treated me for lunch at Just Thai in the Fort. Here are a few pictures.

       2. Went to meet our Broker for the condo unit we are planning to buy.

       3. Went to visit my good friend at Makati Med.

       4. Went to Don Bosco Parish Church for our interview. 

A little story though. Bri and I were so tensed for our interview and we didn't have any idea on what was going to be asked from us. Turned out the interview was so quick and the questions were at the back of the form we have been holding a few minutes before handing it the priest who interviewed us. It was quite an experience. I guess we are just both a bit excited and tensed since this is our first time to get married hahaha :)

      5. My bday party at the Billiard Room.
It wasn't really a party. It was more of a get together of sorts. Both our Family, friends and colleagues were there to celebrate my annual special day. It was full of love and fun!:) here's a few pictures from that night.

It was the best bday ever! Thanks so much Babe! :) and of course thanks to our family and friends. My last bday as a single girl is going to be remembered forever! :)
  • Sept. 9: Weddings & Beyond Event at Rustans Makati.  
      Since we are registered at Rustans, we were invited at their event which was a tie-up with Wedding Essentials Magazines. And what do you know?! Bri and I both won the raffle. Here are a few pictures of us and our prizes.

Big Thanks to Rustans & Wedding Essentials :)
  • Sept. 10: Ge Navarro & Nikki Jimeno's Wedding at San Agustin Church. Reception followed at Palacio de Manila. 
         It was a lovely wedding! Mau and I cried a lot in their wedding :) I guess it's really like that esp. when you're very close to the couple. We can't get over Ge & Nikki's wedding even until now. It was like we are attending a trade event :) Good job Nikki & Ge! Very, very classy and lovely wedding. Here are a few pictures from their wedding. And oh! Bri was one of Ge's bestman too! so it's a really, really meaningful wedding to us :)


Will be posting official photos soon!Thanks a lot Ge & Nikki for having us in your wedding! Enjoy your European honeymoon! :)

  • Sept. 11: Bri & I went to SMX for our last wedding fair. Here we booked the last things on our list. wedding invitations c/o wink and our weddings rings. Finally! we're done :)
  • Sept. 15: Met with Bonne for the headbands of my entourage and our wedding bouquets. Yes! this is going to be really, really pretty! I'm so sure about that. 
  • Sept. 17: Bri & I went to Shangri-la Mall EDSA to watch the band who will be playing on our wedding. Super nice! They played a lot of Jazz songs perfect for our wedding. Super excited! :)
  • Sept 18: Went to SM Centerpoint for the opening of Izawmazing. It's the new business venture of my future brother-in-law/ Bri's brother Jan and his wife Nikita. Sarap super! so guys if you happen to pass by SM Centerpoint don't forget to drop by Izawmazing :)
  •  Sept. 20: Dinner with our ninong-to-be Boy Pangilinan at Songkran along Aguirre Ave, BF homes. 
We had so much fun. For those of you who don't know yet. Bri and I met at Mediacom. Sir Boy said he already knew it's going to happen the first time he saw us. sweet! It was a fun dinner, reminiscing about those days. 
  • Sept. 21: Petticoat and Corset fitting for my bridal gown. weeee!!!!  I know it's still a long way to go but it's so pretty na hahaha I can imagine wearing my gown already! lovely!!!:)
  • Sept. 24: Dress fitting of the entourage/ Bday party of Jade, Kuya Pat's Fiancee at BF Homes.
  • Sept. 25: Marriage Preparation Seminar at Don Bosco Parish Church Makati. 
Whew! define hectic hahaha! :) 
But again we are not complaining. It has really been an exciting months, weeks and days for us. Thanks to the help of our family and good friends. 

I guess October is going to be yet another busy month. Exciting! :)
Well now that I'm back in writing again, I will be posting more about our wedding details so stay tune guys! :)


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